D-Edge Channel Manager Review

Kshitij Chaudhary
2 min read
May 13, 2024

A 2021 finalist for the best channel manager award, D-Edge get positive reviews for its ease of use (93%), customer support (83%), and reporting analytics (73%). In other words, if your goal is a strong user interface, a commitment to assisting its users, and a robust approach to data analysis, D-edge can help you.

Of course, there are areas for improvement. Pricing (65% negative) and operations management (40% negative), for instance, both receive negative reviews, showing difficulties for small businesses and beginners alike.

To sum up, if you want a hands-off approach to learning and training your staff, this tool is for you.

For a complete view, jump into our piece below.

Our Channel Manager Review Parameters You Can Trust

As part of our review policy, we’d first like to state that our reviews were created with the help of AI analysis. Then, we parsed the whole review for any inaccuracies before editing it for clarity and crispness.

Moreover, we’ve picked specific parameters, like ‘ease of use’, for example, that we believe best demonstrate the performance of a channel manager. We have then judged based on the channel manager's performs against these parameters.

These are all the parameters we have picked:

Parameter | Positive | Negative | Ok

------ | ------ | ------ | ------

Ease of Use | 93% | 5% | 1%

Technical Reliability | 71% | 19% | 10%

Customer Support | 83% | 13% | 5%

Price | 19% | 65% | 15%

Operations Management | 60% | 40% | 0%

Integration | 70% | 26% | 4%

Revenue Management | 69% | 24% | 6%

Marketing Visibility | 52% | 48% | 0%

Reporting Analytics | 73% | 27% | 0%

With this clear, let’s now jump into the complete review.

1. Ease of Use

| Positive | Negative | Ok  |


| 93%  | 5%       | 2%  |


D-EDGE's channel manager for hotels excels in ease of use, with a whopping 93% positive score. Users rave about the user-friendly interface facilitating quick learning and efficient daily operations. 

The platform gives you real-time updates and helps manage multiple properties efficiently.  Moreover, the seamless integration with PMS and distribution channels simplifies management tasks, while the mobile app enhances usability, allowing for on-the-go management.  


Despite the overwhelming positives, a small fraction of users (5%) have encountered issues with the D-EDGE channel manager, particularly with opening or closing sales. Then there are also cries about the room planning and rate plan systems, which are complicated and less user-friendly than desired. 

Moreover, the channel manager and back office operations are noted for their complexity, and the extranet is criticized for not being as intuitive, especially when adding extras and creating packages. Another 2% vote for an OK performance, indicating things work but can be better. 

For example, there are mentions of some tool features requiring offline support. Additionally, the rate plan creation process is described as complex, with limitations on changing names once created. 

2. Technical Reliability

| Positive | Negative | Ok  |


| 71%  | 19%      | 10% | 


D-EDGE's technical reliability scores a solid 71%, with users appreciating the real-time updates and synchronization with operators that ensure no delays or failures. 

The system's stability and speed, along with excellent connectivity to reserve engines and OTAs, are highlighted as key strengths. 

Regular updates with new partner connections and the constant evolution of the system are well-received. Similarly, the automatic integration of reservations into the PMS saves time and massively cuts down bugs.

The user reviews also commended the efficient solutions provided, which adapt perfectly to user needs and prevent overbookings. 

The high reliability, with no technical issues reported over several years of use, and the accessibility online from anywhere, including a well-functioning mobile app, are significant positives.


On the downside, 19% of users have experienced technical issues, particularly with extranet access and system synchronization notifications. Inconsistent Rate Screener and problems with OTA connectivity tests are mentioned, along with servers underperforming since March 2020, causing errors in mappings and rate transmissions. 

Bugs in the back office platform and synchronization issues with the Channel Manager are reported, alongside mobile version issues with guest hotline access and language setting adjustments. Long delays in updates and photo uploads, taking over 30 minutes to reflect changes, and slow system responsiveness, and occasional error connections with OTAs are also noted.

3. Customer Support 

| Positive | Negative | Ok  |


| 83%  | 12%      | 5%  | 


D-EDGE's customer support receives high marks, with an 83% positive score. Users highlight the excellent knowledge and 24/7 availability of support staff, particularly praising individuals like Pedro Lara for their contributions. 

The significant improvement in customer service, solving issues professionally, and the exceptional support from account managers, who go above and beyond, are frequently mentioned. Technical support is praised for being prompt and accessible, with commendable problem-solving skills. The availability of support in multiple languages, including Czech and Portuguese, is a significant advantage for international users. The professionalism and readiness of the support team receive positive feedback.


Despite the overall positive feedback, 12% of users report that the support team can be slow and unresponsive, leading to delays in issue resolution. The availability of customer service is seen as lacking and in need of improvement. Some users note a decline in the quality of assistance over time. The platform is also mentioned as not being well-suited for small establishments due to a lack of support for commercial strategies. Technical support is sometimes slow to respond to queries, and users report a lack of autonomy to make changes, being too dependent on technical support. Account managers are perceived as disconnected and lacking in strategic input.

4. Price

| Positive | Negative | Ok  |


| 19%  | 65%      | 15% |


A minority of users, 19%, consider D-EDGE's pricing fair, highlighting resolved price parity issues and finding the product to offer good value for money. 

The quality to price ratio is deemed very good by some, and the customizable packages and features allowing for tailored pricing based on hotel needs are appreciated. 


The majority of users (65%) find the pricing model of D-EDGE costly, especially for small hotels. 

The monthly fees plus commission structure, charges for each new channel connection, and the potential for costs to escalate unexpectedly with additional options are significant concerns. 

Limited channel connections due to high costs restrict hotel reach, with suggestions for more competitive pricing and flexible subscriptions being common feedback.

5. Operations Management

| Positive | Negative | Ok  |


| 60%  | 40%      | 0%  |


D-EDGE's operations management is positively viewed by 60% of users, who note the significant reduction in overbooking situations and the automation of reservation entries into the Property Management System (PMS). The efficient management of multiple room types, optimization of occupancy, and maximization of sales potential are highlighted. The synchronization of pricing, availability, and reservations between PMS and channels is praised for saving time for strategic analysis and development. 

The ability to manage room allotment via mobile app adds convenience for users.


However, 40% of users report issues with integrated check-in tools for police and statistics linkage, difficulties in calculating the total price per room night and adding breakfast costs, and challenges with extras not automatically syncing with the PMS. 

Closing daily sales and immediate payment gateway resolution, adding extra bed prices, and categorizing prices by age in different periods are noted challenges. Package pricing lacks breakdown, complicating the receptionist's billing tasks, and the booking engine struggles with corporate rates, accounts, and occupancy management.

6. Integration 

| Positive | Negative | Ok  |


| 70%  | 26%      | 4%  |


D-EDGE's integration capabilities score a 70% positive rating, with users appreciating the seamless integration with various tools and partners, including PMS and OTAs. Regular updates on new partner connections and system upgrades with new functions are well-received. 

The efficient distribution of prices to each OTA, ensuring rate parity, and the direct connection with PMS for accurate reservation management are key strengths. The wide variety of connecting partners and the built-in Channel Manager within the Booking Engine for managing reservations effectively are highlighted. Then there are also tools like Rate Screener and Next Rate, which assist in competition monitoring and price estimation, adding strategic value for users. 


Despite the strengths, 26% of users report problems with date management between PMS and channel manager, channel mapping difficulties, and inadequate payment gateway connections with OTAs. 

The need for more channel connections at no additional cost and integration with more holiday websites and regional partners are common suggestions. Issues with real-time updates and consistent folio information across platforms, along with integration complexities with Protel PMS and other systems, are noted as hindering operations.

7. Revenue Management 

| Positive | Negative | Ok  |


| 69%  | 24%      | 7%  |


D-EDGE's revenue management capabilities receive a 69% positive score, indicating a significant increase in direct sales and bookings. 

The platform contributes to improved revenue management and performance, with various add-ons for upselling during the booking process. Powerful tools like 'Little Yielder' for dynamic pricing and detailed data for competitive analysis and market trends are appreciated. 

Moreover, features like 'Next Rate' help in making informed pricing decisions, and the platform's swift adaptation to market changes, including the COVID-19 crisis, is noted as a strength. 


24% of users suggest improvements, including the ability for hotels to load rates for at least 31 days on the same screen and support for commercial strategies for small establishments. 

A free entry-level Revenue Management System is suggested, along with improvements to RateScreener to stay competitive. The Channel Manager needs to distribute special promotions to all OTAs, implement of weekend-prices, and better room reopening after cancellations are mentioned. 

A monthly view with restrictions and best prices, similar to airlines, and real IA for Next Rate are desired features. Advanced features for personalized pricing strategy and integration of online data with PMS data are also suggested. 

8. Marketing Visibility

| Positive | Negative | Ok  |


| 52%  | 48%      | 0%  | 


D-EDGE's marketing visibility scores a 52% positive rating, with campaigns featuring special rates highlighting attracting new partners. 

Geo locator and mobile-only campaigns enhance marketing efforts, and the effective use of pop-ups on the homepage for promotions is noted. 

Similarly, multimedia services that increase the property's conversion rate and display ads and SEM that boost marketing awareness efficiently are highlighted as key strengths. 


A strong number of users also give negative reviews (48%). They report issues with the booking engine not being responsive on mobile when embedded via iframe and the inability to create specific rates for mobile users. The booking engine's presentation of offers and packages needs improvement, and limited access to insightful Digital Marketing Solutions information is a concern. 

Additionally, website templates are criticized for being rigid and lacking modern design, and the MetaGenius solution is reported to underperform in delivering expected results. 

The booking engine's conversion rate could be enhanced with better features, and social media and marketing efforts require streamlining.

9. Reporting Analytics

| Positive | Negative | Ok  |


| 73%  | 27%      | 0%  | 


D-EDGE's grabs a positive 73% in reporting analytics from users. 

The variety of reports available for daily business analysis, including booking window, reservation origin, ADR per month, and sold-by-rate plans, are highly valued by most users. 

Comprehensive reporting capabilities with valuable information for decision-making and exportable reports in Excel format are noted. Data Cruncher's detailed reservation reports and the consolidation of statistics for trend analysis and control are praised. The accessibility and readability of reports with robust data analysis features contribute to effective strategy building. 


However, 27% of users report that reports lack advanced functionalities and could be improved. The absence of tools for dynamic pricing based on availability or demand, the inability to create dynamic cross-reports, and the confusion and difficulty in understanding reports when exported to Excel are significant concerns. 

Reporting on extras is sometimes inaccurate, and the RateScreener layout is criticized for not being clear, suggesting areas for improvement in reporting analytics.

So Should You Buy D-Edge Channel Manager?

D-Edge does well in some parts, while in departments, it barely moves the needle. So should you buy it then?

If you’re still reading, we highly recommend you book a free demo with the D-Edge team; that’s our standard advice to skeptics, really. On the other hand, if pricing and operations aren’t big issues for you, then this might just be the right product for you.

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He also loves traveling and sports.

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