Increase Your Direct Bookings With Brance’s Instagram Chatbot

Boost your direct bookings with Brance’s Instagram Chatbot and take your hotel revenue to new heights.

Boost your revenue with Brance’s smart AI chatbot

Instagram Click to DM ads

Combine DM ads with Brance’s Instagram chatbot to achieve 2X ROAS to your existing ads.

Convert comments/ shares to bookings

Automatically Send DM to prospects who ask for price/availability in comments/ stories.

Conversions optimized 

Follow up with every lead using AI; reduce your First Response Time (FRT) to 0.

Some other benefits of using Brance’s Instagram chatbot

1.  Be there for your guests, 24/7

Your hotel staff can’t possibly attend to all the guest queries 24/7. Our smart Instagram chatbot can step in. It will monitor your Instagram account for communication 24/7, and reply to any and all inquiries within 5 seconds.

2. Engage with your followers on comments

Our chatbot will automate your replies to your guests' comments on Instagram. With our advanced AI models, you don’t have to worry about missing out on conversion opportunities gained from comments.

The chatbot will take care of everything for you.

3. Automate your replies during live reels

Let our smart Instagram chatbot handle all inquiries on your Live Reels, while you focus on more creative and strategic aspects of your business. Our smart AI chatbot will auto-reply to all your prospective guests quickly, in a human-like tone, and so moving them closer to conversion.

4. Easily integrates with your PMS and Channel Manager 

Give your prospective guests the best possible deal with real-time updates in prices. Our tool integrates well with your channel manager and PMS, giving you the best shot at converting a booking.

5. Instant booking on Instagram

Nothing hurts more than losing a prospective guest to a payment glitch. That’s why we handle all the technical whiz behind the scenes, making your guest’s payment quick and easy.

6. Speak with your guests in 100+ languages 

Talk to your guests in the way they prefer. Our chatbot is trained on 100+ language models, letting you converse with your guests in their preferred language.

In other words, be more guest-centric. Build more revenue over time.

Answer to Your Questions


1. What is an Instagram Chatbot?

An Instagram chatbot is an app that replies to user queries based on pre-coded logic—all on its own. Used by businesses of all sorts, it broadly comes in two forms: rule-based and AI-based chatbots.

For hoteliers like you looking to boost their direct bookings, a smart Instagram chatbot is an obvious choice. 

It can help you increase your direct bookings, improve guest communication, and ultimately, boost your revenue.

2. How does Brance’s Instagram Chatbot Work?

Our Instagram AI chatbot is built on the latest AI models. This allows it to outperform all traditional (rule-based) chatbots in terms of efficiency and quality of responses. 

Our chatbots use the latest models—specifically, machine learning, natural language understanding, API integrations, and others–to extract the intent from user inputs, look up the most appropriate answer, and then generate the answer.

In english-speak, it can generate quick responses and converse in a human-like tone.

3. How does Brance’s Instagram Chatbot Messenger Boost Your Revenue?

You probably already know about boosting direct booking. But what are the other ways it can help you?

  1. By increasing your direct bookings, you can avoid the hefty commissions you pay to OTAs otherwise.
  2. Quick response time helps you provide superior guest service and boost your sales follow-up revenue.
  3. 24/7 communication will keep your guests from feeling unheard, and give them a better experience for their stay.  
  4. It brings down your First Response Time (FRT) to under 1 minute.
  5. Boosts your upsells and cross-sells through AI-powered, human-like responses.
  6. Helps you boost your OTA reviews–both positive and negative, resulting in a higher revenue.

Increase your conversion by 2x using Gen-AI