Boost your direct bookings with AI-powered Hotel chatbot

Take your hotel revenue to new heights. Increase your direct bookings with our AI-based hotel chatbot and drive up your profit like never before.

Boost your revenue with Brance’s smart AI chatbot

Respond to every lead in under 1 minute

24/7 AI automation means you’ll never be late for a new booking inquiry again. Our hotel chatbot will integrate with all your popular channels, like OTAs and Google, and then reply to any booking or related inquiry in under a minute.

Quick replies, in turn, mean higher bookings for you.

Automatically follow up with every lead

Brance’s hotel chatbot will carry out your follow-ups a minimum of three times. AI-powered communication means personalized outreach, delighting your leads with relevant offers, and ultimately helping you book more bookings.

Omnichannel Inbox  

Optimize your marketing and sales decisions with consolidated data. Our AI hotel chatbot comes with an omnichannel inbox, which consolidates data from various channels, like WhatsApp and Instagram

Here are some other benefits of powering your hotel with AI chatbots

1. Brance can be your new AI-based front desk associate

Our AI-based hotel chatbot can carry out all the tasks previously in the territory of your front desk associate. Helping out with check-ins and check-outs, carrying out booking reservations, etc.—it can automate pretty much everything.

In other words, automate your repetitive tasks and focus on things that matter.

2. Collect, analyze, and manage your online reviews—improve your marketing      

Stop missing out on your hotel reviews. Our AI hotel chatbot will automate the review collection for all your digital channels—OTAs, Google, etc. 

It will automatically reach out to your guests at the right time and through the right channel, helping you boost your online marketing efforts.

3. Automate and convert your leads into customers

Let our hotel chatbot automate your follow-ups, and get a big boost in your direct bookings as a result. 

It will follow up with every lead at least thrice—in a personalized and empathetic voice—thus, doubling your conversions in the process.

4. Personalize at scale to generate more revenue

Running the latest AI models means our hotel chatbot is the smartest chatbot option out there. 

This means all its interactions with your guests or prospects will be based on empathy and data, leading to an almost human-like execution. So keep your guests delighted with the highest service.

5. Converse in 100+ languages  

Serve a multitude of nationalities and cultures in the language they prefer. After being trained on the best language models, our hotel chatbot can confidently interact in more than a hundred different languages. 

Answer to Your Questions


1. What is a hotel chatbot?

A hotel chatbot is software that automates many of the tasks previously performed by dedicated human agents in hotels. These include everything from guest support and booking reservations to marketing and sales follow-ups.

2. Why does your hotel need a chatbot?

In short, you need it to boost your hotel revenue. Let us explain. 

As they’re traditionally done, most of the hotel processes are inefficient and repetitive and, therefore, don’t fetch you a good ROI. We’ll take a bet but that’s probably the case for your hotel too. A hotel chatbot, particularly an AI-based one, will help you by automating most of these processes.So all of your hotel activities such as reservation bookings, lead follow-ups, giving quotations to travel agents, collecting online guest reviews or feedback for marketing, and the like—a smart hotel chatbot will augment them all.

All of these processes, collectively implemented, will boost your hotel revenue manifolds.

3. How can hotels use chatbots to serve guests better?

A hotel can improve their guest satisfaction in a variety of ways through chatbots:

  1. Cut down First Response Time (FRT) to improve your guests’s customer service.
  2. Provide multi-lingual support to serve a wide variety of guests. In other words, speak in the language your guests feel most comfortable in.
  3. Create tailored responses through generative AI, leading to more engaged and happier guests.
  4. Provide 24/7 communication across all channels, leading to better support and guest experience.

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