Increase direct bookings with Brance’s Facebook chatbot

Stop paying hefty commissions to OTAs. Adopt Brace’s smart AI chatbot and boost your direct bookings—increase your revenue.

Boost your revenue with Brance’s smart AI chatbot

Facebook Click to DM ads

Combine DM ads with Brance’s Facebook chatbot to achieve 2X ROAS on your existing ads.

Convert Facebook comments and shares into bookings

Automatically Send DM to prospects who ask for price/availability in your Facebook comments/stories.

Conversions optimized

Follow-up with every lead using AI; reduce first response time to 0.

See how we power your hotel growth and revenue

1. Supercharge your marketing with AI

Take your marketing to the next level. Our AI-based Facebook chatbot will automate and customize your upsell and cross-sell to get you the best return.

With the help of the latest algorithms, our chatbot will pitch your guests the best discounts and coupon suggestions, tailored to their specific interests, boosting your revenue and bookings in the process.

2. Be there for your guests, 24/7   

Never be late in your replies again. Our Facebook chatbot will monitor your Facebook comments and stories 24/7 for all guest inquiries.

Convert more inquiries into guests. Increase your revenue.

3. Delight your guests with personalized communication

With our latest AI models, your guest communication will be smoother and more on point than ever before.

Our smart Facebook chatbot will consider everything—your guests' previous data, their ongoing communication, etc.—and then provide the most relevant information

4. Automate your upsells and cross-sells—boost your revenue 

Optimize your upsells and cross-sells through AI. 

Brance’s Facebook chatbot will personalize your offerings to your leads, converting them into paying guests and leading to more bookings in return.

5. Converse in more than 100+ languages

Speak in the language your guests do. Our Facebook chatbot can fluently converse in more than 100+ languages, switching its approach exactly to what your guest wants at the drop of a hat.

This means premium guest service, 0 miscommunication, and continuous growth in repeat guests.

6. Want an instant handover to hotel staff? We got you covered

Our Facebook chatbot can smoothly hand over any conversation to your hotel agent in a single click, giving you the best of both worlds.

Answer to Your Questions


1. What’s a Facebook chatbot?

A Facebook chatbot is software that automates many of your business tasks—everything from marketing to customer service—previously solely handled by dedicated human agents. 

2. How can a Facebook chatbot help hoteliers?

The primary goal of a Facebook chatbot is to boost your revenue—ultimately resulting in a better bottom line for you. Some of the few ways it can help you do that include:

  1. Increase your direct bookings. 
  2. Double up your revenue through sales follow-ups.
  3. Boost your upsell and cross-sell revenue through AI-powered automation.
  4. The chatbot will provide your guests with the best coupons and offers, based on their past history and interactions. 
  5. Using a chatbot built on the latest AI models means its conversations will be empathetic and extremely human-like. This will only ultimately boost your long-term brand and service.
  6. An automated follow-up strategy ensures you maximize all your sales inquiries.
  7. AI automation means quick, rapid response to guests' inquiries, resulting in a lower average First-Time Response (FTR).
3. How will the Facebook chatbot increase my hotel revenue?

In a number of ways, actually. Here are just some direct ways it will help you:

  1. By integrating it into your Facebook, you can improve your direct bookings. That, in turn, means fewer commissions and a higher profit. 
  2. You can provide 24/7 guest service, which will prevent you from losing bookings and give guests a premium experience.
  3. AI-powered Facebook chatbot means all your replies and marketing messaging will be personalized, data-driven, and, most importantly, presented in a human-like tone.
  4. Automation through chatbots also means quick replies, keeping your prospects from going to competitors.

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