Increase your direct bookings with WhatsApp chatbot

Take your direct bookings to new heights. Brance’s AI-based WhatsApp chatbot will boost your direct bookings, increasing your net revenue in the process.

Boost your revenue with Brance’s smart AI chatbot

Send offers to previous customers

Drive repeat through personalized offers on birthdays/ anniversaries and other travel occasions.

High open rates

WhatsApp shows 98% open rates compared to 2-5% open rates of emails.

Conversion optimized

Follow up with every lead using AI; reduce your First Response Time (FRT) to 0.

Discover how we power your growth with AI

1. Automate your replies to guests with AI        

Automate your WhatsApp conversation with the latest AI algorithms. Our WhatsApp chatbot will seamlessly handle most queries of your guests, with empathy and in a human-like tone.

2. Boost your online reviews, improve your marketing  

Let us automate your online review process. Our WhatsApp chatbot will reach out to your guests on WhatsApp at the most appropriate time, collect their feedback for all channels, and then get them posted online.

Moreover, in case you get negative feedback, it will inform your hotel staff for recovery.

3. Be there for your guests, 24/7

Be available for your guests 24/7. With our AI-based WhatsApp chatbot, you won’t have to worry about slowing down or missing out on any communication with your guests. Our WhatsApp chatbot will optimize it all for you in the backend.

4. Personalize your offers, Increase your revenue

Personalize your messaging with the latest AI models. Our Instagram chatbot self-learns from your guest’s past data and ongoing conversations—delivering tailored communication as a result. 

 5. Automate your cross-sells and upsells—boost your sales 

Let our smart Instagram chabot handle your cross-sells and upsells, giving you a big revenue boost in return.

 6. Amplify your return on ad spend (ROAS)

Make your ads more efficient. With our smart Click-to-WhatsApp integration, your guests will directly reach you in your WhatsApp DMs.  In other words, we ensure you the best bang for your buck.

Answer to Your Questions


1. What is a WhatsApp chatbot for hotels?

A hotel WhatsApp chatbot is software that helps you automate communication with your guests over WhatsApp.
Largely available in two categories, rule-based and AI-based chatbots, picking a chatbot will help you:

  1. Boost your direct bookings
  2. Provide 24/7 communication to your guests  
  3. Double your sales follow-up revenues
  4. Boost your cross-sells and up-sell revenue through automation
  5. Act as a hotel concierge
2. Why do hotels use WhatsApp chatbots?

Hotels use WhatsApp for a variety of reasons. Some of them include:

  1.  They are great for augmenting hotel staff, especially when you’re low on headcount.  
  2.  Because of 24/7 communication, they ensure you never miss a guest or prospective inquiry.   
  3.  They have consistently been shown to increase your revenue from sales follow-ups.
  4. They have also been shown to boost your cross-sell and up-sell revenue.
  5. Rapid response to guest queries–under one minute–ensures a high standard of communication.
3. Will you get assistance for WhatsApp chatbot set up and integration?

Definitely. All it takes is a free 30-minute call with us, where we will integrate our WhatsApp chatbot with all your systems for a smooth transfer.  Oh, and you’ll also get free customer support for a lifetime too.

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