Instagram Chatbot for Hotels! Harness the power of AI to Unlock Direct Hotel Bookings on Instagram

Kshitij Chaudhary
2 min read
April 15, 2024

In the digital era, Instagram is emerging as a significant platform for Hotel Marketing. Since its introduction in 2010, this social giant has skyrocketed to over 2.4 billion users. The number is expected to reach 2.5 billion by the end of 2024. Every month, a quarter of the world's active internet users engage with this platform.

This figure represents a significant pool of potential customers for the hospitality industry, each actively engaged in activities like scrolling, liking, commenting, and searching for their next travel destination.

Instagram is a channel to discover and convert these leads into customers. Using Instagram for your hotel business gives your property extensive reach and initiates direct and meaningful conversations between your business and the prospects. Having a business account for your hotel on Instagram means an inbox flooded with DMs and comments. But, are you struggling to reply to each one of them because you lack proper resources and time?

You Are Losing Leads That Could Become Loyal Customers

Are you considering hiring a professional or personal assistant to answer all the Instagram messages? You might worry they won't sound like you and will charge more.

In the digital market, the latest game-changer for hoteliers is the integration of AI with Instagram, through AI-powered chatbots.

These ingenious virtual assistants are transforming the way hotels interact with potential guests on Instagram. By turning mere engagements into sales opportunities, the AI chatbot is no longer a futuristic concept but a present-day AI tool for converting casual scrolling into direct hotel bookings.

Just imagine being able to send automated replies to DMs, comments, and story mentions by unlocking the power of AI. From posting comments to automating replies on DMs, AI-powered Instagram chatbots bridge the gap between the hotel and the guests and save your business so much time, effort, and cost!

In this blog, we will delve into the strategies that make these chatbots an indispensable asset for any hotel looking to boost its direct bookings via Instagram. Get ready to discover how your hotel can use AI not only to engage with the Instagram community but also to convert 'comments' and 'story mentions' into bookings.

Automate Your Instagram Marketing With Brance AI Solution – Turn Mere Engagements Into Direct Bookings 

Instagram, with its visually appealing content and high engagement rates, often becomes a playground for hoteliers to discover new customers and improve conversions by harnessing the power of AI Chatbots. For example, if a user interacts with your story about a travel destination or drops a comment on a hotel’s reel, the chatbot can open a conversation by asking if they’re interested in travel tips or special offers/discounts related to that destination.

Available Triggers for Instagram Chatbot 

1. Automating DMs - This trigger involves the chatbot to automatically respond to direct messages received from Instagram. When a user sends a direct message to your Instagram account, the chatbot can be programmed to respond with pre-set replies or initiate a conversation based on the content of the message. 

For example: A potential guest sends a DM asking, "Do you have any rooms available with beach views?" The chatbot automatically responds with, "Yes, we have rooms available with stunning beach views. Would you like to book one or explore more options?” 

2. Comments into Customers - This feature allows the chatbot to engage with users who drop comments on your posts. The chatbot can automatically reply to comments, turning commenters into potential customers by initiating a conversation or guiding them to more information, promotions, or direct messaging.

For example: a user drops a comment “Price Please” on your recent video about your hotel tour. Instagram chatbot can be triggered to give the price to the user. With Brance’s AI solution, hoteliers can convert mere engagement into direct booking on Instagram DM itself. 

3. Story Mention Automation - When your hotel’s Instagram account is mentioned in someone else’s story, the chatbot can automatically respond to that mention. This is particularly useful for engaging users, allowing for a quick and automated response to their engagement. 

For example: A guest mentions your hotel in their story, showing their room view. The chatbot sends a DM: "We're glad you're enjoying the view! Let us know if there's anything we can do to make your stay more special."

4. Instagram Live Comments - During an Instagram Live session, users often drop their comments in real-time. A chatbot can quickly reply to these live comments automatically, either by answering their common queries, directing users to relevant resources, or even acknowledging their comments to enhance engagement. 

For example: During an Instagram live tour of your hotel, a viewer asks, “Do you have a fitness centre.” Brance’s AI solution responds in the live comments, “Yes, we have fully-equipped fitness centre that remains open 24*7 for all our esteemed guests.” 

5. Conversation Ice Breakers - These are pre-decided conversation starters that the chatbot uses to engage users. This helps in initiating meaningful conversations and increasing user engagement on your profile. 

For example: when a user visits your Instagram profile, a chatbot sends a prompt: “Looking for a relaxing getaway? Reply with “Yes” to discover our exclusive wellness packages!” 

6. Live Chat - This involves integrating a chatbot with the live chat feature on Instagram. The chatbot can provide immediate responses to queries or comments in real-time, offering correct information, assistance, or directing users to relevant links or resources. 

For example:  A user initiates a chat asking about spa services. The chatbot responds, "We offer a variety of spa services including massages, facials, and more. Would you like to book a spa appointment or learn more about our services that we offer?"

Each of these triggers plays a unique role in automating engagement on Instagram, enhancing customer service, increasing interaction, and potentially driving sales or conversions. By effectively utilizing Brance’s AI solution in your hotel, you can enhance overall guest experience, streamline the booking process, and provide personalized offers and recommendations to the users in real-time. 

Harnessing AI Chatbots for Effortless Instagram Bookings

In the digital era, convenience is king!

With an astonishing user base, the platform proves to be a discovery channel and presents an untapped potential for hoteliers to streamline their booking processes. This is where the integration of chatbots comes into play, marking a significant move in how businesses can leverage Instagram for direct conversions.

Instant Response: The Chatbot Advantage

The role of chatbots in automating the booking process cannot be overstated. These AI-powered assistants offer instant responses and support, crucial in an industry that works round the globe and caters to a global audience.

When a potential customer expresses interest in a hotel, a chatbot can instantly engage them, answering queries, providing information on the best rooms with charming views, along with special discounts and offers, and guiding the user through the booking process. An instant response not only enhances the user experience but also fills the gap between a customer’s interest and action.

A Seamless Booking Journey Within Instagram

By enabling users to complete the hotel booking process without leaving the app, hotel brands can significantly increase their conversion rates. This seamless journey from discovery to booking is essential in today's digital environment, where any gaps in the process can result in lost opportunities.

To conclude, integrating chatbots for in-app bookings on Instagram offers a compelling solution for hoteliers seeking to tap into the platform's engaging user base.

By providing instant responses and a seamless booking experience, hotel brands can not only enhance user engagement but also drive direct conversions, turning Instagram from a mere promotional tool into a powerful sales channel.

Automated Sales Follow-up to Convert Potential Leads Into Customers

It comes as no surprise that a successful sales follow-up is a key to a successful sales pipeline. By harnessing the power of AI chatbots, hoteliers can easily sail through the changing sales landscape. 

The integration AI chatbot on Instagram allows for a more personalized customer experience. It can respond to direct messages, comment on posts, and even initiate conversations based on user interactions with previous posts. This automated, yet personalized approach ensures that potential customers receive immediate attention, significantly increasing the chances of converting leads into sales. Furthermore, the AI Chatbot can analyse customer interactions and preferences, offering personalized recommendations and updates about new products or services, thereby nurturing a long-term relationship with the customer.

Brance’s AI solution can easily interact with users who have shown interest in your hotel, providing timely follow-ups, answering queries, and even guiding them through the sales process.

Instagram Engagement Hacks to Enhance Chatbot Effectiveness:

In today’s digital landscape, social media is a powerful tool for hoteliers to discover a new audience and connect with their existing customer base. However, to maximize the effectiveness of these chatbots, there are certain engagement hacks that must be deployed. This section of the blog provides an insight into the four key Instagram engagement hacks to enhance Chatbot’s effectiveness and engagement.

Strategic Posting Times

The timing of your posts on Instagram is vital for the visibility and engagement of your chatbot interactions. The primary objective is to publish posts when your audience is most active. For instance, if your target audience is young professionals, posting during lunch hours or in the evening might be more effective. 

Tools such as Instagram insights provide you with valuable data on when your followers are online, so that you can schedule posts strategically. By aligning your AI chatbot with peak times, you can ensure maximum visibility, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Leveraging User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content (UGC) or consumer-generated content is original, brand-specific content created by customers (including images, videos, testimonials, reviews, or even a podcast) and published across social media channels. By incorporating UGC, your hotel brand not only gains authenticity but also builds a pillar of trust. 

When your chatbot shares a customer review, it resonates more with your audience, as they see real people engaging with your brand. This authenticity leads to higher interaction rates with the chatbot, making users feel more understood and valued.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Collaborating with influencers or other brands can significantly expand the reach and effectiveness of your AI Chatbot. Collaborations can take various forms, such as featuring influencers in your chatbot conversations. These partnerships expand your current audience base and give your brand a chance to tap into the followers of your collaborators, bringing fresh eyes to your chatbot. 

These hacks not only boost your visibility but also make your brand credible, as endorsements from influencers carry significant weight that can take your hotel brand to the next level.

Engaging Visual Content

The impact of visually rich content cannot be ignored. In a platform that’s dominated by visuals, posts with images achieve higher engagement compared to those containing only text. Your chatbot should therefore be equipped to share high-quality, engaging images and videos that resonate with audience inquiries. 

Whether its product images, info graphics, or user-generated photos, visual content can dramatically enhance interaction quality. A visually enriched chatbot conversation is more likely to capture and retain the attention of your audience, leading to prolonged engagement and a better overall user experience.

Brance AI solution is a smart tool that provides clients with high-quality, engaging images and videos of hotels to capture guests' attention. For example, if a user interacts and asks about the best hotels in Goa, the Brance AI solution sends high-quality images and videos of the hotel, capturing the user's attention.

Key Integrations of an Effective Instagram Hotel Chatbot

Instagram Hotel Chatbot offers a wide range of features and capabilities to enhance the overall guest experience and automate tasks.

Here are some key integrations that make the Instagram hotel chatbot not only functional but remarkably effective. Have a look!

Integrate With Your Property Management System for Real Time Prices and Availability

Linking your Instagram chatbot with your Property Management System (PMS) makes sure that your guests receives real-time information on room availability or booking. With access to your PMS, a chatbot can provide personalized offers based on guest’s history or past preferences, further enhancing their overall experience and loyalty. This integration reduces unnecessary workload on your front desk, as the chatbot handles all the queries easily, leaving your team free to focus on more complex tasks that require human intervention. 

Integrate With Your Booking Engine to Enable Real Time Bookings

By integrating Instagram chatbot with your booking engine, guests can easily check room availability and book rooms directly through Instagram channel. Brance’s AI solution handle bookings anytime which means that you will not miss out on any potential reservations that come outside of normal business hours. The booking done via chatbot can help hoteliers gather valuable guest data, that can be further used to create personalized offers and improve guest experiences in the future. 

‍Integration With Your Payment Gateway to Take Payments

Linking the chatbot with a reliable payment gateway ensures that all transactions are safe and secure, that further builds trust with your guests. This integration allows for a smooth payment process, enabling guests to complete their bookings and pay securely without leaving the Instagram channel. A fuss-free payment process reduces the chances of cancelled bookings, thereby improving conversion rates. 

What Makes Brance’s Instagram Hotel Chatbot a Top Choice for Hoteliers?

Instagram Hotel Chatbots provide immense opportunities to enhance a hotel's capability to communicate 24/7, all year round.

By using Brance's seamless AI solution, hoteliers will be able to:

  1. Automatically reply to travellers whose communication channel is Instagram, available 24/7, throughout the year.
  2. Instantly share prices, quotes, pictures, and room availability.
  3. Send real-time responses without missing any opportunities.
  4. Easily handle peak hours, when your reservation team is not available
  5. Let guests complete booking on Instagram itself
  6. Follow-up with guests who don’t complete a booking
  7. Capture guest’s phone number and email so that the reservation team can reach out to these leads on call or email

Wrapping Up

As we have explored the dynamic capabilities of Instagram Hotel Chatbots, it is fair to say that they are not just a trend, but a focal point for the hospitality industry. With its large user base, Instagram provides fertile ground for excelling in direct hotel bookings.

Integrating AI chatbots with Instagram unlocks immense potential for direct hotel bookings. By automating responses to DMs, comments, and story mentions, as well as providing real-time assistance through live chat, hoteliers can maintain a constant presence on one of the most popular social media platforms. This not only enhances the customer experience but also ensures that no lead is missed due to delays in response. 

Looking to the future, it becomes increasingly clear that AI and social media will continue to play crucial roles in hotel marketing and customer service enhancement. Instagram chatbots, such as Brance's AI solution, is leading this evolution, offering hotels an innovative, effective, and enticing way to connect with guests and drive direct bookings.

It's time for hoteliers to step into the future, harnessing the full potential of AI to meet and exceed the expectations of modern travellers. The era of direct hotel bookings via Instagram and other channels, facilitated by AI chatbots, has arrived, transforming the hospitality industry for the better.

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Q.1. What is an Instagram Chatbot for hotels?
A.1. An Instagram chatbot for hotels is an AI-powered tool integrated with the hotel’s Instagram account. It automates the responses to customer inquiries, helps in booking hotels, provides information about hotel amenities and enhances guest engagement through the Instagram platform.

Q.2. How can Instagram Hotel Chatbot help in increasing direct hotel bookings?
A.2. The chatbot streamlines the booking process by offering prompt responses and round-the-clock assistance. It can send automated replies to the DMs received on Instagram, answer guest queries on room booking, pricing, and amenities, and help guests experience a hassle-free booking process, resulting in increased direct bookings.

Q.3. Can the Hotel chatbot handle complex queries?
A.3. Instagram Chatbots can handle and answer a wide range of standard queries. But, they might struggle with complex situations or unique questions asked from the clients. In such cases, they transfer the query to a human agent who assists the guest further.

Q.4. How does the chatbot understand and respond to customer inquiries?
A.4. The chatbot uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) and AI/ML algorithms to understand the queries and respond promptly. It learns from various guest interactions to improve the responses over time.

Q.5. Can the chatbot be customized to match my hotel’s brand?
A.5. Yes, most companies offer customization options that align with your hotel’s brand. It includes tailor-made responses or even the chat interface design.

Kshitij Chaudhary

Kshitij founded Brance with the vision of helping hoteliers increase their direct bookings using AI. Over the last ten years, he has led the Marketing and Growth of several technology organizations and start-ups such as BCG, Shuttl, House of Beauty, etc.

He also loves traveling and sports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is First Response Time important in inside sales?

First Response Time holds a great importance in inside sales because it influences customer satisfaction. Ultra-fast responses improve the chances of potential leads getting converted into paying and loyal customers.

What are the consequences of a delayed first response in inside sales?

A delay in First response time can result in missed opportunities, customer frustration, and a negative impact on conversion rates. Potential leads may lose interest or shift to competitors when experience a delay in response time.

What role does technology play in reducing first response time?

Technology plays a vital role in reducing first response time through automation. AI-driven chatbots streamline the communication process and enables faster interactions.

Why is First Response Time important in inside sales?

First Response Time holds a great importance in inside sales because it influences customer satisfaction. Ultra-fast responses improve the chances of potential leads getting converted into paying and loyal customers.

What are the consequences of a delayed first response in inside sales?
What role does technology play in reducing first response time?

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